Head of the Rock 2022

With the 2022 Head of the Rock Regatta in the rear view mirror, we reflect on the awesomeness of this event.  the weather was beautiful, our parents were a great support group and our rowers knocked it out of the water.

First, our crew had some great racing. This regatta is a 5k event where our rowers had to row up the river to the starting line a warm up 5k and then race back down the river for 5k to the finish line. If you add it up, each race a rower was in was a total of 10k of rowing. And some rowers competed in 2 or 3 events. Which means they completed a half-marathon (12 miles) or more on the water.

The weather was also perfect if you ignore the wind chop that our 8+ had to contend with in the early afternoon. The wind chop made it harder to catch cleanly and power through, but all our rowers pushed through and every boat reached the finish line in great shape.

As we look forward, Sweeps and Sculls is looking forward to our last two regattas of the season in Ohio and Tennessee. Privateers, keep up the great work.

8+ getting ready to race8+ Race Day4+ Racing