The Boatyard

The Sweeps & Sculls Boatyard is located on the beautiful Fox River at Port Barrington Marina. See our map below for more details. We are right across the river from the Broken Oar Tavern and Restaurant.

Early morning on the Sweeps & Sculls dock

Rowing on the Fox River at Burtons Bridge

Sweeps & Sculls launch area

Club Oar rack and oar boards

Sweeps & Sculls boat racks

The big boats, Our eights with a few fours

The Rowing Center

Our indoor rowing center is located in Crystal Lake near Route 31 and Route 176.  See our map below for details. When it rains, we have a place to train. When it is cold, we can be bold and train for the upcoming warm spring days. The rowing center is conviently located 10 minutes from our boatyard.

Locations: The Boatyard and Rowing Center