Date: Aug 5-9, 2024

Time: 8-12am

Sweeps & Sculls Boatyard at Port Barrington Marina
1317 Behan Rd.
Crystal Lake 

Sweeps & Sculls Indoor Rowing Center
4410 Rt. 176, Unit 14
Crystal Lake

Cost: $300

Beginner camp is a great way to try a new sport without the time commitment of joining for a season.

Our Summer Discover Rowing Camp is a great introduction to the sport of rowing. Middle School and High School students that are entering 5th grade to 12th grade can attend camp.

Beginner Camp is a 1 week introduction to all of the basics of the sport of rowing. No prior experience is necessary. We'll teach you everything you need to know!

Campers will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the basics of rowings
  • Learn about and try two differnt types of rowing (sweep rowing and sculling)
  • Get hands on experience with rowing equipment, including boats, oars, and rowing machines and how to properly handle the equipment
  • Experience some rowing training including fitness training and mobility for rowing
  • Try some different boats and continue to practice and build on the rowing skills they are introduced to
  • Review water safety basics

We will begin each day at Sweeps & Sculls Boatyard at Port Barrington Marina in Crystal Lake. After our session at the Boatyard, campers will be transported to our Indoor Rowing Center (a 3-5 minute drive), where we will work on technique, fitness and mobility with some of our fun and games!

Are you competitive but traditional sports do not seem to be the right fit? Rowing could be for you!

Are you an athlete that is currently in a sport, but is looking for a change? Rowing could be the perfect new challenge!

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Do you like being on or around the water? Enjoy sunsets on the beautiful Lower Fox River, and racing on many lakes and rivers, not gyms or fields that all look the same.

Rowers start learning the sport in Middle School and High School, so you will be learning a new sport with others that are your age.